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In 1998 I read a story in a magazine about a police K-9 named Solo who was at the scene of a gun battle in Bradley Beach, NJ.  Solo was a Monmouth County Sheriff's Office K-9 patrol dog. He was trained for search & rescue and to apprehend bad guys. On June 8, 1998, Solo was sent in to apprehend a fugitive who had barricaded himself in an apartment building for 22 hours.

Solo's handler got the call to send his K-9 into the building. But when he knelt down to give his partner his orders he knew he would never see his K-9 partner Solo again.

As I read the story, I could feel my own tears well up inside me. Unfortunately, Solo was shot and killed on that day.

But after reading that story, I made a promise that one day I would buy a bullet proof vest for a K-9 police dog. Well today is that day! But instead of one vest, I am hoping to buy many vests, as well as other equipment with the proceeds of this book.  

Police K-9's also need equipment such as K-9 first aid field trauma kits, K-9 cooling vests, and Pet Oxygen Mask kits for first responders. It is our mission to help provide these items and other support that may be needed.

Thanks you for supporting Big Dog Books and The Adventures of Solo and in helping us achieve our goal of keeping our K-9 officers safe. 

​                                                                 James Wiater