​K9 Riggins w/ our 6th vest

K9 Finn with a Pet Oxygen Kit

​K9 Bryn with our second vest

​K9 Kiara and a Field Trauma Kit

K9 Basilone with our fourth vest

K9 Armor with a pet oxygen kit

K9 Duli and vest #7

​K9 Nero and our 5th vest

​K9 Cherno & K9 Mackey with

​a Field Trauma Kit

K9 Ricky with a Field Trauma Kit

Millstone Fire Dept.

with a Pet Oxygen Kit

K9 Edge with our first vest

K9 Ukon with vest #3

​K9 Niko with a Field Trauma Kit

Big Dog Books 

​K9 Cade and vest # 8