​Hudson County Sheriff's Office                              Duli                             K9 Body Armor                                   Delivered August 15, 2018

Hunterdon County Prosecutor K9                         Finn                             Pet Oxygen Mask                              Delivered March 25, 2017

​Please make all equipment requests to, Jim@bigdogbooks.net

Willingboro Police Department                              Niko                            Field Trauma First Aid Kit               Delivered November 29, 2017               

​West Windsor Police Dept.                                      Cherno & Mackey    Field Trauma Kit                                Delivered May 28, 2018

Atlantic County Sheriff's Office                             ​Riggins                        K9 Body Armor                                  Delivered July 2, 2018      

                 Department requesting equipment                     K-9                            Type of equipment                                                      Status

Hawthorne Police Department                              Nero                            K9 Body Armor                                  Delivered June 16, 2018

​Millstone Township Fire Dept.                                                                     Pet Oxygen Mask                             Delivered March 4, 2017

 ​Willingboro Police Department                              Ricky                            Field Trauma First Aid Kit              Delivered April 26, 2017

​Morris County Sheriff's Office                                Kiara                           Field Trauma Kit                                Delivered August 15, 2018

Middletown Twp. Police Dept.                             Titan                             K9 Body Armor                                  Ordered

Carteret Police Dept.                                                Ukon                           K9 Body Armor                                  Delivered June 26, 2017

​Somerset County Sheriff's Office                           Basilone                      K9 Body Armor                                 Delivered September 26, 2017

​Palmer Twp. Pa. Police Dept.                                  Armor                          Pet Oxygen Kit                                  Delivered November 10, 2017

​Middlesex County Sheriff's Office                         Bryn                             K9 Body Armor                                  Delivered June 23, 2016

Manasquan Police Department                             George                       Cooling fan/SUV                                 ​Delivered November 10, 2018

 Camden County Sheriff's Office                             Cade                            K9 Body Armor                                  Delivered September 29, 2018

              ​Monmouth County Sheriff's Office                       Edge                             K9 Body Armor                                  Delivered January 18, 2017

​Las Vegas Police Dept                                             Bones                          Field Trauma KIt                                Requested

Hunterdon County Prosecutors Office                 Mac                             Field Trauma Kit                                Delivered July 3,2018

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