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Friends of Solo

​Hudson County Sheriff's Office                              Duli                             K9 Body Armor                                   Delivered August 15, 2018

Hunterdon County Prosecutor K9                         Finn                             Pet Oxygen Mask                              Delivered March 25, 2017

Atlantic County Sheriff's Office                             ​Riggins                        K9 Body Armor                                  Delivered July 2, 2018      

                 Department requesting equipment                     K-9                            Type of equipment                                                      Status

​Morris County Sheriff's Office                                Kiara                           Field Trauma Kit                                Delivered August 15, 2018

Middletown Twp. Police Dept.                             Titan                             K9 Body Armor                                  Ordered

​Somerset County Sheriff's Office                           Basilone                      K9 Body Armor                                 Delivered September 26, 2017

​Palmer Twp. Pa. Police Dept.                                  Armor                          Pet Oxygen Kit                                  Delivered November 10, 2017

Manasquan Police Department                             George                       Cooling fan/SUV                                 ​Delivered November 10, 2018

              ​Monmouth County Sheriff's Office                       Edge                             K9 Body Armor                                  Delivered January 18, 2017

Hunterdon County Prosecutors Office                 Mac                             Field Trauma Kit                                Delivered July 3,2018

Equipment requests

​Please make all equipment requests to,

Willingboro Police Department                              Niko                            Field Trauma First Aid Kit               Delivered November 29, 2017               

​West Windsor Police Dept.                                      Cherno & Mackey    Field Trauma Kit                                Delivered May 28, 2018

Hawthorne Police Department                              Nero                            K9 Body Armor                                  Delivered June 16, 2018

​Millstone Township Fire Dept.                                                                     Pet Oxygen Mask                             Delivered March 4, 2017

 ​Willingboro Police Department                              Ricky                            Field Trauma First Aid Kit              Delivered April 26, 2017

Carteret Police Dept.                                                Ukon                           K9 Body Armor                                  Delivered June 26, 2017

​Middlesex County Sheriff's Office                         Bryn                             K9 Body Armor                                  Delivered June 23, 2016

 Camden County Sheriff's Office                             Cade                            K9 Body Armor                                  Delivered September 29, 2018

​Las Vegas Police Dept                                             Bones                          Field Trauma KIt                                Requested